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Official Step


The following is a requirement of submission of application work abroad through our official PJKI.

    • Come alone to the office or KJTKI PPTKIS (hospotality And Spa Agency), Jl. Renon Denpasar Badung Tukad 2B, carrying:
      1. Job Application/ Curriculum Vittae
      2. Certificates Spa School
      3. Work Experience
      4. Original Passport
      5. KTP/ ID
      6. KK
      7. Photo color 4×6 = 6 cs
      8. Full body photo with Balinese traditional costumes
    • Furthermore, the Agency hospotality And Spa will help apply the user / principal abroad
    • If there is a match, then the letter will be issued Job
    • Applicants must follow standard medical check by country destination before departure
    • After the contract was signed, the management began WORK VISA until the deadline
    • After the exit visa, the employee is ready to follow the process KTKLN
    • Ready to go with a ticket that has been ordered