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spaOur training institute managed by qualified trainees who prioritize the achievement of high standards in service capability spa therapists, such as :

  • Spa Therapist
  • Nail technician
  • Beautician
  • Hairdresser


So join our spa institute now, at least you won’t go to abroad, you will be high quality spa-therapist to get better job everywhere you wish.

Employment-ContractWe really keep each trust. Similarly, principals who want the confidence of trained and qualified manpower. For it is through the Institute spa, we recruit and energize therapists who think we have met the quality standards and are ready flown overseas.

We are also trying to bridge the manpower Indonesia therapist in order to get the economy and the standard of living during and after their work with overseas our trusted clients.

consultantAs a Credible Recruitment Agency in Bali – Indonesia, we are not only recruiting SPA therapist, but we also provide SPA Consultant. It is designed to help our precious clients developing their service standard.

Our SPA Consultant consists of several Instructors/Trainers, they will work as a team and they are experts in the field of:

  • Prepare Operation Manuals
  • Prepare Training Manuals
  • Train SPA therapist
  • Create SPA Menu
  • Personal Grooming and Hospitality
  • Guest Service Orientation

PassportsAs an authorized dealer of Indonesian workers who have diaki government, we are called to convey information completely honest and transparent about the employment of the documents.

It is based on the fact the many levels of abuses committed by unscrupulous labor brokers unofficial, among others:

  1. Improper work visa (work permit listed only as a tourist permit has limits shorter than a work permit)
  2. Permission placement with a company that is not registered and do not have the legal protection of the law so prone to crime, not pernuhinya salaries and other statutory benefits, and violence is not guaranteed by the government of Indonesia
  3. Disguised employment contracts so that workers do not have the authority if things happen that are not desirable

We overcome all the bad things in the following manner:

  1. Visa and permits inexpensive (total just IDR 5 million to all countries)
  2. Officially registered with the government of Indonesia and the country of destination
  3. Insurance protection for the rights and safety of workers working in the

The existence of official documents and the full principal also assist in getting the workers in accordance with the desired quality and personality.

Our seriousness in voicing INTO INDONESIAN WORKERS who kept us safe and quality increase from time to time so as to achieve satisfaction amongst our employees, principal, Indonesian government and the government of the country of destination.