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About SPA

images2Spa is a continuation of Sante Par Aqua or Solus Per Aqua comes from the Latin which means healthy through water. Understanding SPA could also be interpreted as a traditional body treatments using water media. End – the end of this SPA a favorite choice for urban relaxation. Not only relaxation, pampering ritual involves the element of water is constantly expanding offering securities balance of mind and body health.

Spa can help blood circulation, improve skin elasticity and to support bone strength in helping spa activities assisted by a Spa Therapist.

There was also growing fish spa in major cities of the world, including Jakarta. Garra Ruffa fish bite of Turkey not only help remove the top layer of dead skin epidermis, but also improving blood circulation. No wonder if the fish was nicknamed doctor fish.

One popular spa offers spa services in Japan soaking with wine. The treatment is very attractive is only held once a year.

Spa Techniques above also diakuasai by the Balinese spa therapists, making Bali a paradise SPA delights and complete to the best SPA is dedicated as a technique around the world